Anna // Mountain View High School Class of 2018, Bogus Basin Senior Session- Boise Senior Photographer Makayla Madden Photography

  1. These images are gorgeous! She seems like an awesome lady!

  2. Brandi says:

    These are all absolutely stunning! I love that she did some with her dog!

  3. Shea says:

    Okay this makes me want to photograph high school seniors again!! She is so gorgeous!

  4. Maddie Mae says:

    Love these senior photos!!! I don’t shoot seniors very often, but you do a wonderful job! I love your coloring! 🙂

  5. Brie says:

    She is STUNNING! I love these so much! Makayla you are so wonderful at capturing these seniors in their best versions.

  6. Kasey Loftin says:

    These are so good! She is gorgeous! That last frame, the picture you’re holding was my favorite!!

  7. Stevie says:

    Wow! These are all so beautiful! And what a stunning young lady!!

  8. Kamra Fuller says:

    Holy cow! These are incredible! Amazing as always, Makayla!

  9. Brittany Slaughter says:

    Uhm excuse me, since when are high school seniors the most beautiful creatures alive?? I love how beautifully candid these photos feel, absolutely stunning work!

  10. Justyna says:

    Wow! That first frame took my breath away!!!! So so stunning!

  11. Andria says:

    She is GORGEOUS! Love the shot with her pup.

  12. She’s a FREAKING BABE!! So gorgeous. So cool you could give her this experience in her high school year!!

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