Strength in Motherhood.

"I can imagine no heroism greater than motherhood."

The many shapes of motherhood.

In our modern world, it seems more than ever it is harder to find our place in motherhood. There are so many shapes and forms, so many different stages of what is easily one of the most profound, difficult, beautiful seasons of life, so many pressures from outside society to "be" a certain way or to have motherhood look a certain way.

Here, all those pressures are off. When you step in front of my lens, all that you have to do is show up and embrace your journey and your story. Step moms, young moms, experienced moms, foster moms. Working moms, SAH moms, breastfeeding mommas, formula moms. Surrogacy, adoption, IVF, moms to angel babies or women who are not yet mothers yet-

Whatever your story is, I am here to capture the many shapes of motherhood in your life, whatever that may look like. 

"On the way home our girls were saying how much fun they had taking pictures. Makayla made it such a fun experience and made it so EASY. I was expecting sass and meltdowns but our girls had such a good time. It was like they were out playing with their aunty!" 

-Erica W

About Me

I'm Makayla, and I'm a 5' nothing wife and mama who LOVES people, literally all of them. Seriously, I don't think there's a soul on this planet that I've met who I can't find empathy or love for. I believe God created us to be in community and am the energizer bunny when I'm around my fellow humans (I'll blame that on the fact that I'm approx. 99% extraverted, haha!)

I've been shooting for 13 years, (I know, I may look 12, but I promise I'm 28!), and ever since I was a little girl I knew photography was not only a passion or hobby but a calling. Combined with my love of reading and writing, it just made sense that I'd fall in love with a craft that would allow me to visually tell peoples' stories.

As a mother myself, I've found a new passion for preserving and protecting the fleeting moments in life, especially in regards to motherhood. We struggled to conceive our son, and while it could have been an even longer journey, it was enough that when I finally got pregnant, I didn't take any moment for granted. I had approx. 100 photo sessions in those 9 months, I swear, because all I could think was "I am not guaranteed another pregnancy like this."

In between sessions, you'll either find me out in my garden with dirt smeared on my face, getting my yoga or weight lifting on at the Village, cooking and hosting backyard dinner parties with friends and loved ones (quality time is my love language), crowd surfing or headbanging in a mosh pit to Hot Mulligan, or snuggling and watching a new anime with my kitties, hubby, and son in our little homestead-in-the-making in Boise. I'm a tiny yet passionate individual who can't help but be a little "extra" when I am excited about something- so it bodes well that I do what I LOVE for a living!

"I'm not sure if this kind of session is for me..."

My motherhood sessions are for EVERY person who considers themselves a mom.

Some reasons for booking a motherhood session may include:

You're about to welcome another child into your life and want to capture just you and your other littles before your family grows.

You're on an IVF, fertility, adoption, or foster care journey.

If you're pregnant and want to document your pregnancy (or just feel good at a time when your body feels foreign to you).

You want to document the first few days or weeks of postpartum and your new baby.

You are grown and realize you don't have ANY real moments of you and your mom and don't want to miss that window before she may be gone. 

You're breastfeeding and want to capture intimate moments of you and babe before they're weaned.

Your daughter or son is graduating high school and you want to capture momemts of the two of you now that they are older. 

You are a mother to littles and want to capture the crazy, chaotic, sweet moments of the toddler years. 

You want to gift this session to a mom in your life.

the full service process

Includes your entire photo session experience & all related appointments!
(Required in full at the time of booking to reserve your session date- Images ordered separately).

After your session, select and order your "must have" moments via print products that are available 
(No minimum order required- you only buy the images you can't live without!)

Hand wrapped and ready to gift to that special someone or display in your home, your final images will be tangible products that evoke a sense of nostalgia every time you look at them.
(Payment plans available for all print orders)


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This part of the process is a must for all my clients. After booking your session, I will send an email so we can schedule a time to meet and discuss your motherhood journey and your story! I’ll also send out a questionnaire before we meet- you’ll have time to come back to it if you need, and this is where I'll ask for your vulnerability and honesty so I can create a portrait session that really tells your story. We’ll then meet for your consultation at my private studio in Boise or online and we can continue the planning process to make sure you feel as prepared as possible before your session. This will also be the time for you to see sample products and packages that I offer, so you can start thinking about how you’ll want to display and gift your final images when all is said and done!


your session


Motherhood is already crazy day to day, so I want to make it as less stress on you as possible. That's why the day of your session will start with the hair and makeup artist arriving to you to start pampering you, Mom! This is your chance to sit back and relax and let someone else take care of you before I arrive.

We can shoot at a variety of locations if you prefer something outdoors or in the city, but a lot of my motherhood sessions are also shot in the studio or in your own home. 

Your session will not just be the typical "stand here and smile" photo shoot (though I WILL be very directive, so no worries on your part!) Instead, prepare for a laid back, natural session still filled with lots of laughter and fun, all while watching me duck into ridiculous positions to get that perfect angle. We'll talk, we'll explore, we’ll dance, we’ll make memories, and we'll spend a day in the life of YOU, capturing YOU in this season of motherhood.




After we've finished shooting, I'll go home and 'soft' edit your pictures. 2 weeks after your session we’ll meet for your reveal and you'll get to see all your beautiful moments for the first time (Don’t worry, I keep lots of Kleenex on hand for this portion).

This gallery reveal will be your opportunity to choose your favorite images and order your favorite products. It's so helpful setting this time aside without distractions so that you can fully immerse yourself in your images and soak them in before making your final decision.

While it may seem impossible to narrow down your favorites, I promise that it's easier with me by your side! I'll bring samples so you can touch and see what you’re ordering, and make sure that it will look amazing in your home (we can even review digital mockups before ordering so you can really see what your final products will look like). We'll place your order, I'll put the finishing touches on your final images, and your custom artwork will be on its' way!



View the perfect product suggestions for your session

I'm thrilled you want to book a motherhood session for yourself! This is truly an investment not only in yourself, but your children and the many generations after them. Once we're gone, all they'll have are these memories and photos to remember us by, and that is something you just can't put a price on. 

"Okay, I really want to do this! What's investment look like?" 

Request current menu

Because my experience is so customized, there is no set investment after paying your $525 sitting fee. Every mama and family I work with has unique wants and needs, and together we'll find what will be best for you!

That said, on average, most mamas spend about $2900 in their motherhood sessions. This of course is just an average, and if you'd like to get a better idea of your total investment and the product offerings I have, just fill out a contact form below and I will send it to you ASAP! 

You may try and tell yourself it's "selfish" to spend money on photos, or that you aren't organized or aesthetic enough to take the time to document your own motherhood journey, but let me promise you- this is the best investment you can give yourself and your family. 

Don't worry about being perfect, about having it "all together". This isn't about a picture perfect, cookie cutter session. This is about documenting and forever remembering your REAL life and your journey in motherhood, just as it was. We'll plan a special day and not only document memories, but create new ones together.

I promise to give you my compassion, energy, creativity, and years of experience doing this craft so that this is a session you ALWAYS remember and cherish, and think to yourself "It was worth every penny." You'll walk away with the most valuable memories and keepsakes for you and your children, and can sleep easy knowing that they'll be here, forever.

I can't wait to work with you!

My promise to you. 

Still on the fence? I'd love to hear more about your story and make sure we're a good fit. 

Just fill out a form below and reach out with any questions you may have for me! I'm an open book and at the very least, just love connecting with new mamas from all walks of life.