Session Details

"We don't remember days, we remember moments." 

-Cesare Pavese

Maybe it's your senior year, you're in love, or you want someone who can truly make you feel beautiful-

Whatever your reasoning, the bottom line is: these moments are important to you, and you deserve someone who will help you remember them forever.

That's why I’m here. I want to tell your story and help you preserve your life through the images I take. I want to make sure that each important moment and little detail is caught on camera and that whenever you look back at your images, you are transported to this special time of your life. I'm not just here to take a good photo, but I’m here to capture a priceless, GENUINE moment of you and your loved ones, and give you a full-service photography experience to remember.

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After signing the contract and paying your sitting fee, I'll send you your client welcome packet and you’ll be in the books! A few weeks before your session we'll meet at my studio for coffee and chat about you. Your hopes, dreams, fears, interesting facts about your life, your favorite music, if you have a sweet tooth, and the vision you have for your session. This will be the time where we can go over locations, inspiration pictures, outfit specifics, and my pricing menu and samples to see the various print products and packages you'll be able to choose from after your session. 


I'll schedule your hair and makeup, carefully scout out a session location that best exemplifies YOU, help you with outfits and styling, then the day of your session you’ll head to the studio to get started on the pampering process! After hair and makeup, we’ll spend time together jamming to your favorite music as I document your life on camera!  Your session will not just be the typical "stand here and smile" photo shoot (though I WILL be very directive, so no worries on your part!) Instead, prepare for lots of laughter and fun, all while watching me duck into ridiculous positions to get that perfect angle. We'll talk, we'll explore, we’ll dance, we’ll make memories, and I'll spend a day in the life of YOU, capturing YOU. 

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After we've finished shooting, I'll go home and 'soft' edit your pictures. 2 weeks after your session we’ll meet for your reveal and you'll get to see all your beautiful moments for the first time (Don’t worry, I keep lots of Kleenex on hand for this portion). This gallery reveal will be your opportunity to choose your favorite images and order your favorite products. I'll bring samples so you can touch and see what you’re ordering, and make sure that it will look amazing in your home. We'll place your order, I'll put the finishing touches on your final images, and your custom artwork will be on its' way!

And that's it. Within just a few weeks, you will be able to share and gaze at the moments that have stolen your heart and that you have deemed irreplaceable and unforgettable. I'll be here each step of the way to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible, and I hope we can become close friends through it all. 

I am so excited to work with you,