When we stop learning, we stop growing.

This motto is simple, yet powerful, and one I full-heartedly believe in when it comes to growth and education. This is why I launched the Makayla Madden Photography Coaching Program- to allow the students I mentor to continuously learn, and therefore, continuously grow. 

My mantra for my program is simple:

To encourage, educate, and empower you to go to that next level in your business, wherever that may be.

My heart and passion is to coach photographers not only on how to be great artists, but be successful business owners as well. I know for creatives it can be hard, overwhelming, and scary to think about numbers, taxes, and the logistics of what running a business entails, but it is vital to the long term success in this industry.

While I’m a creative individual, my split-brain and type-A personality have allowed me to take that creativity and love for photography and combine it with business skills to develop a thriving, successful, 6-figure portrait business, all within 3 years from when I first went full time. 

As your photography coach, I promise to hold your hand, guide you, push you, encourage you, educate you, and ultimately leave you with the tools, resources, and empowerment you’ll need to excel and stand out in this industry. A good mentor should not only duplicate themselves, but should create better versions of themselves. That's what I strive to do through my 1:1 coaching program.
So if you’re interested in knowing where I’m headed, I’ll let you know I don’t plan on settling for anything less than excellent. I plan on offering the best experience possible for my clients. I plan on constantly growing and learning to be the best. I plan on dreaming BIG and conquering those dreams and goals. I plan on loving what I do for a living, and helping others get to a place where they can do the same. Will you let me take you there?


"PASSION to Profit"


(fall 2023)


Inside this program you will uncover your “WHY” and address any pricing roadblocks still holding you back from building a profitable business. You will learn how to set your prices using a cost of doing business calculator, the psychology of pricing, how to present and share your pricing to attract and book your ideal clients, and how to pay yourself and your business, and save for taxes and retirement. 

Included in this program is:
• 8 weeks of live group coaching calls with Makayla via Zoom
• Direct access to Makayla and on-going support via private Slack channel
• My personal email templates and pricing menu that I use for all my sessions
• Lifetime access to ALL online content and course recordings
• Access to exclusive student-only hourly mentoring rates, for additional in-depth help and support

Included in this limited-availability 1:1 coaching session is:
• (1) Hour Online Zoom Coaching session (Q + A and teaching catered to your needs)
• Follow up email or 30 minute zoom call with any additional resources that may be needed.

If you are interested in shadowing me for sessions, please let me know and I will send you a custom quote! 

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"Passion to Profit" is my 8 week LIVE group-coaching program for established photographers who are struggling with how to build a profitable portrait photography business on less than 5 clients a month.

My one-on-one coaching is for photographers who have in-depth questions and struggles and are looking for personal, 1:1 guidance in their business. This can include topics like editing, marketing, shooting, pricing, and more.

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love letters

past student reviews

The way Makayla taught me was easy for me because she broke everything down and showed me step by step. She didn’t throw numbers at me and expect me to understand it right away. She always answered my questions even if it took a day to get back to me, she always did. I love that I can send her a message with a quick question and not feel like I’m bothering her. She’s very open and genuine. Makayla did everything right for me. Mentoring with her was the best thing I’ve done for my business. She really wants to help you and that’s so refreshing in the Photography industry.”

"Makayla is very down to earth (sometimes hard to find in this industry), willing to share her secrets and what has made her successful, and she really was interested in me, my business, and helping me get my life back. It didn’t seem like she just wanted to take my money and not give me any real help for it, which I appreciate so much. Our mentoring session definitely helped me with my confidence in knowing that I’m “good enough” for IPS… I was constantly doubting whether or not my work was good enough to charge a higher price. Our mentoring session helped me value myself more. She also taught me how important it is to price myself based on my CODB and cost of goods. I was about to go into it just putting a price tag on things and not really thinking about where those numbers were coming from. She was so informative about the business side of things which is exactly what I needed! 

- Ashley mosier, Ashley Mosier Photography

“Makayla’s love for photography and her clients shines through her pictures, and I’ve always been inspired to have the same effect through the photos I capture and the clients I meet. Having Makayla mentor me was absolutely amazing and transformative for my business. I felt like I was unofficial and unorganized, and after talking with her I started sending contracts, raised my prices to accurately reflect my worth, learned new ways to handle scheduling, and started getting clients that were happy and confident to be planning their photos with me. It’s been such a huge change for my business and I’m so grateful for all that she’s done to guide me to exactly where I want to go as a photographer!”

- Kate Carmichael, Kate Carmichael Photography


No matter where you're at in your business, coaching is ALWAYS going to be beneficial, so long as it's with the right person and you're in the right spot for what they're offering! My group coaching program is for you if: 

• You're an established photographer who has a client base
• You know you need to raise your prices, but something is holding you back 
• Are overwhelmed with the idea of "how" to calculate your prices
• Have never filled out a cost of doing business calculator
• Struggle to track and manage your business expenses/income 
• Are clueless or overwhelmed with how to save for taxes, retirement, and health savings as a business owner

• Aren't "officially" paying yourself via payroll / using quickbooks
• Don't know how to find higher-paying clients
• Find yourself shooting more to earn more 
• Desire less time behind your camera and at your desk
• Desire more time with your friends, family, and for your other passions and hobbies
• Are ready to scale back your sessions to just one-two a week (or at least have the OPTION to) 

Still not sure if this program would be right for you? Let’s chat and see! I won’t let you join unless I fully believe we’d make a great fit and that this program is right for you, and right for where you’re currently at. Shoot me an email and let's talk!

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