"We don't remember days, we remember moments." 


That’s why we’re here to help you remember every little thing! From baking cookies in your house on a Saturday afternoon, to the way your little ones wrap their arms around your neck after a long day. From capturing their new missing teeth, to their favorite hobbies, obsessions, and current silly faces they’re making; here at Makayla Madden Photography, we want to help you capture every little detail and have keepsakes to look back at for a lifetime. 

"On the way home our girls were saying how much fun they had taking pictures. Kim and Makayla made it such a fun experience and made it so EASY. I was expecting sass and meltdowns but our girls had such a good time. It was like they were out playing with their aunties!" 

-Erica W

meet kim


"Hello! I’m not terribly comfortable talking about myself, but I want you to know a little bit more about me! I love photographing families with an “organic” approach to each session. With a little direction, and with guidance from Makayla and her brand and style, I will capture you interacting, laughing, and being yourselves. Our goal is to provide you with some beautiful ART that you can frame and display in your home.

In my spare time you can find me getting lost in a bookstore or sitting in a coffee shop sipping a half-sweet, no whip mocha. I also love March Madness like a crazy person and I watch every major tennis tournament. I look forward to getting to know you and your family, and it will be an honor to help you document your love for each other.”

I hired Kim to become my associate family photographer so that I can not only service more people in the Treasure Valley, but because there is truly no one that sees families like she does! If I ever had the ability to “clone myself”, then I’ve done it with Kim. While I am a portrait photographer that can definitely shoot families, Kim is a family photographer through and through, and together, Kim and I will help you get the most raw, real, and beautiful moments of you and your family! 



I (Makayla) will still be there with you every step of the way to help plan your session at your consultation, give guidance on outfits, location, and all other aspects of your session, and sit down with you after your session for your reveal! Kim will do what SHE does best- capture your family on camera- and I will do what I do best- Provide you with a full service experience you and your kids will never forget! 

Still have questions or want to learn more? Please don’t hesitate to fill out a contact form so Kim and I can make sure we’ll be the PERFECT fit for what you’re looking for!


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