Your Family Session

"We don't remember days, we remember moments." 


One day your belly is swollen and heavy and you can't help but wonder what that little being will look like, the next they're wrapping their tiny little hand around your finger, gas bubbles making them grin in their sleep. You blink and suddenly that little babe is persistently requesting "Hand, mama!" as they lead you to their favorite toy. Soon the little pitter patter of tiny excited footsteps turn into a parade of loud stomps as they and their teenage friends come down the hall and grab their keys to head out to prom. 

Now you're dancing at their wedding, wondering when that little child of yours got taller than you, wondering when the heck they grew up. 

"On the way home our girls were saying how much fun they had taking pictures. Makayla made it such a fun experience and made it so EASY. I was expecting sass and meltdowns but our girls had such a good time. It was like they were out playing with their aunty!" 

-Erica W

In your eyes they're still that tiny little babe that you first laid eyes on, that energetic toddler with the chipmunk voice who loved playing air guitar with you or giggled whenever you pretended to be a "kissy monster".

These moments- these precious, irreplaceable moments that make up our life and the ones we love- they are fleeting and I know it. I know it because I'm living it, too.

That’s why I'm here to help you remember every. little. thing. From baking sourdough in your messy home on a Saturday afternoon, to going on bike rides on summer evenings, to raking leaves and jumping into piles in the crisp autumn air. From capturing their new missing teeth, to their favorite hobbies, obsessions, and current silly faces they’re making; here at Makayla Madden Photography, I want to help you capture every little detail and give you physical keepsakes that you can look back at for a lifetime. 



This part of the process is a must for all my clients. After booking your session, I will send an email so you, me, and Kim can schedule a time to meet and discuss your family and your story! I’ll also send out a questionnaire before we meet- you’ll have time to come back to it if you need, and this is where we'll ask for your vulnerability and honesty so we can create a portrait session that captures your family's soul and story. We’ll then meet for your consultation at my private studio or online, where you can tell Kim and I even more about yourself, your “why” for your shoot, and we can continue the planning process to make sure your session 100% reflects who you all are. This will also be the time for you to see sample products and packages that I offer, so you can start thinking about how you’ll want to display and gift your images when all is said and done!


your session


I'll schedule your hair and makeup, carefully scout out a session location with Kim that best exemplifies YOU, help you with outfits and styling, then the day of your session the hair and makeup artist will arrive to start pampering you, Mom! After hair and makeup, you'll spend time together jamming to your favorite music as Kim or myself documents your life on camera! Your session will not just be the typical "stand here and smile" photo shoot (though we WILL be very directive, so no worries on your part!) Instead, prepare for lots of laughter and fun, all while watching us duck into ridiculous positions to get that perfect angle. We'll talk, we'll explore, we’ll dance, we’ll make memories, and we'll spend a day in the life of YOU, capturing YOU and your little family.




After we've finished shooting, I'll go home and 'soft' edit your pictures. 2 weeks after your session we’ll meet for your reveal and you'll get to see all your beautiful moments for the first time (Don’t worry, I keep lots of Kleenex on hand for this portion). This gallery reveal will be your opportunity to choose your favorite images and order your favorite products. I'll bring samples so you can touch and see what you’re ordering, and make sure that it will look amazing in your home. We'll place your order, I'll put the finishing touches on your final images, and your custom artwork will be on its' way!



View the perfect product suggestions for your session

You may try and tell yourself it's "selfish" or that you aren't organized or aesthetic enough to get family photos done, but let me promise you- this is the best investment you can give yourself and your family. 

Don't worry about being perfect, about having it "all together". This isn't about picture perfect, cookie cutter family photos. This is about documenting and forever remembering your REAL life, just as it was. We'll plan a special day and not only document memories, but create new ones together. I can't wait to work with you!

Don't let another moment fly by.