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If you're on this page, chances are you're a photographer with a passion for starting your business or taking your business a step further, but have a hit a wall on how. 

I remember being in your shoes. I felt alone, frustrated, and often times defeated, knowing since I was born that I was made to be a photographer but constantly asking the Lord "how will I ever be able to actually make a living off of this?" 

I'd been shooting for 9 years before I was called to go full time with photography in 2015. Over the span of a couple months, I invested upwards of $8k in education and workshops and it was the best decision I'd ever made. Investing in mentoring and learning about this trade from other professionals is what allowed me to skyrocket forward and grow so quickly not only as an artist, but as a business owner. 

Fast forward to now and I not only have found my artistic voice as an artist, but have built a solid client base of more than ideal clients, grown my client experience, and make 10xs what I did when I first started. I believe in working smarter, not harder, which is why at 23 I am able to make over 6 figures a year while only taking on a small handful of clients each month; allowing me to pour all my heart and soul into each and every person I work with without getting burnt out. 

When I realized that my other passion was in educating and helping my fellow creatives, I knew I  wanted to start by offering intimate, one-on-one mentoring sessions. Since then, I have also begun teaching monthly workshops with my studio business partner and now offer one-on-one business coaching for professionals. I work so much better when I am able to ask questions and have a physical person sitting there to show me and direct me, so that's what I want to offer for everyone that is looking to grow in this industry.

If you're a hobbyist or someone just looking for somebody to give you tips and tricks on taking better phtoos, than we probably won’t be a good fit.  But if you're an amateur or professional serious about bettering yourself and your business, and want help finding the tools and resources to do so, then this program is for you. If applied correctly, this educational investment can easily pay for itself with just an extra client or two.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

-Makayla Madden

One-on-one business coaching program:


(3 payments of $750, all due 1 week before next session date)

What’s included:

This program is designed to not only give you tools and resources in the areas you’re struggling in, but work closely with you over the span of several months to build on those tools and guide you to that next level in your business. Wherever you’re at, you’ll have several sessions to help keep you accountable, encourage you on your journey, and continue to steer you on the right path to enhance and improve your overall skills as a photographer and business owner.

Program details:

Session 1 ( 1.5 hours):

This will be our time for me to figure out more about you and the areas you’re struggling in. We’ll work on stripping down mental barriers, bad habits, and I'll give you tools, resources, and any and all advice that I can to get you on the right track. Homework will follow!

Session 2 (1.5 hours):

4 weeks following our initial session, we’ll do a quick check in to see where you’re at and go deeper into our education and advice. This is your time to ask any additional questions or address frustrations and road blocks you may have found while doing your homework and applying advice from our first session.

Session 3 (1.5 hours):

8 weeks following our second session, we’ll do our final wrap up. I’m here to critique, give suggestions, review any new methods or strategies you’ve implemented, and overall review your final “exam” to give it a grade and final score. Overall you should be feeling more confident and ready to tackle business armed with a new perspective and new tools!

Program launch discount:

First 3 people to sign up RECEIVE 10% off