When we stop learning, we stop growing.

This motto is simple, yet powerful, and one I full-heartedly believe in when it comes to growth and education. This is why I have opened up the Makayla Madden Photography Coaching Program- to allow the students I mentor to continuously learn, and therefore, continuously grow.

My mantra for my program is simple:

To educate, encourage, and empower you to go to that next level in your business; wherever that may be.

My main focus is to train photographers not only how to be great artists, but be successful business owners as well. I know for creatives it can be hard, overwhelming, and scary to think about numbers, taxes, and the logistics of what running a business entails, but it is vital to the long term success in this industry.

While I’m a creative individual, my “split-brain” and Type A personality have allowed me to take that creativity and love for photography, and develop a thriving, successful, 6-figure portrait business, all within 3 years.

As your photography coach, I promise to hold your hand, guide you, push you, encourage you, and ultimately leave you with the tools and resources you’ll need to excel in this industry. A good mentor should not only duplicate themselves, but should create better versions of themselves. And that’s what I strive to do through my 1:1 coaching program.

So if you’re interested to know where I’m headed, I’ll let you know I don’t plan on settling for anything less than above average. I don’t plan on settling for being mediocre at what I do. I don’t plan on living a small-minded life. Will you let me take you there?

Program Details

LAUNCH promo price (First 5 students only): $2250

Standard Program Price: $2750

(4 month payment plans are available)

Included in this program:

  • 1 initial consultation/session

  • Personalized dream board/task list

  • 4 recorded online video or in-person training sessions

  • 1 follow up call 2 weeks after final session

  • Access to VIP Student FB group

  • Access to monthly subscription for additional/ongoing help outside of program

  • Access to student-only hourly mentoring pricing

LAUNCH promo price (First 5 students only) $2250 (4 month payment plan available)
Regular price: $2750 (4 month payment plan available)

Is coaching right for me?

Ideally this coaching program is meant for amateur or pro photographers wanting to go the next level in their business, but this program can be for anyone who is looking for:

  • Long-term guidance where you are able to ask ongoing questions to a specific person

  • Someone who will assess your wants, needs, dreams, and goals, and help you design a plan to reach them

  • Someone who will asses your current fears and frustrations, and help you design a plan on how to overcome them

  • A way to get to your dreams and goals QUICKER than if you did it all on your own

  • How to build a LASTING photography business, that allows more financial and creative freedom for you and your life

  • How to build your brand and target your ideal client

  • How to price yourself to reach your ideal client and your life goals and dreams

  • Resources on how you can work smarter, not harder

  • A way to make your photography business stand out from the competition

  • Someone who will help you overcome those mental roadblocks that are stopping you from what you’e fully capable of

Still not sure if this program would be right for you? Let’s chat and see! I won’t let you work with me unless I fully believe we’d make a great fit and that this program is right for you, and right for where you’re currently at. Just fill out a student application form and we can decide where to go from there!

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