Mentoring sessions as they are will be discontinued on January 31st.

Replacing them will be an in-depth 1:1 coaching that will span the course of several months with my mentees.
I am so excited to be offering more in-depth help for students this coming year! To ensure quality control, I will only be taking on 5 new students for this year. (An additional 5 spots may open depending on availability)

If youโ€™d like to know when applications and sign-ups for this program will be available, please leave your info below!

hey there!

If you're on this page, chances are you're a photographer with a passion for starting your business or taking your business a step further, but have a hit a wall on how. 

I remember being in your shoes. I felt alone, frustrated, and often times defeated, knowing since I was born that I was made to be a photographer but constantly asking the Lord "how will I ever be able to actually make a living off of this?" 

I'd been shooting for 9 years before I was called to go full time with photography in 2015. Over the span of a couple months, I invested upwards of $8k in education and workshops and it was the best decision I'd ever made. Investing in mentoring and learning about this trade from other professionals is what allowed me to skyrocket forward and grow so quickly not only as an artist, but as a business owner. 

Fast forward to now and I not only have found my artistic voice as an artist, but have built a solid client base of more than ideal clients, grown my client experience, and more than tripled my income from when I first started. I believe in working smarter, not harder, which is why at 22 I am able to make over 6 figures a year while only taking on a small handful of clients each month; allowing me to pour all my heart and soul into each and every person I work with without getting burnt out. 

When I realized that my other passion was in educating and helping my fellow creatives, I knew I  wanted to start by offering these intimate, one-on-one mentoring sessions. I work so much better when I am able to ask questions and have a physical person sitting there to show me and direct me, so that's what I want to offer for everyone that is looking to grow in this trade.

If you're looking for someone to tell you exactly how I shoot and edit and run my business, then we probably won't be a good fit.  But if you're looking for someone to give you the tools and resources you need to know your gear, find YOUR own unique style, attract your ideal clients, and make a living off what you love, then these sessions are 100% for you.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

-Makayla Madden


Each mentoring session includes 1 1/2 hours of one-on-one time with me at a local coffee shop. 


Need help in more areas than one? For $400, spend 3 hours with me covering 3 topics of your choice, so you can walk away knowing you're on the right track as you begin to pursue your passion (no matter what stage you are in). 

Not local to Boise, Idaho? No problem! Let's set up a Skype session!

I also teach at my studio with my studio business partner, Erin Blackwell! the topic youโ€™re looking for may just be our upcoming class!

Studio 870 UPcoming Classes



For those who know they love photography, but are staring at their camera like "what the heck do all these buttons do?". Learning your camera is essential to achieving the vision you have for each session, and for growing in the photography field as an artist! We'll cover basics such as shutter speed, aperature, ISO, WB, and get you to a point where you are confident shooting manual on your camera.


Feeling stuck/overwhelmed when it comes to editing? Unsure how to operate lightroom or how to edit your sessions in a time-efficient manner? We'll walk through the basics of lightroom and get you on track so that you aren't dreading sitting at the computer after your photo sessions. 


The key to a great photograph is about 10% gear and 90% posing, lighting, and composition. You can know your gear forward and backwards but if you can't understand how to compose an image, pose your subjects, or find the right light to put them in, your images will never be more than "okay." If you're feeling stuck in any/all of these areas, this session is for you!

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My biggest passion and easily most valuable lesson. Learn how to value yourself as an artist and business owner so you can price yourself accordingly, so that you make a profit doing what you love. Never again be surprised come tax season, and gain the tools and resources needed to ensure you are running a profitable and sustainable business, without taking on an overwhelming client load. A starving artist can only go so far before they crash and burn! 


Ever have a client that you just totally click with and you just wish you could shoot them all the time? You can! Spend an hour figuring out WHO your ideal client is so you can start marketing to them and getting them in front of your camera. 


If you know what you want to shoot but are still stuck on how to get there, this class is for you. Learn the keys of branding and marketing accordingly so that you are consistently getting inquiries and bookings each month from ideal clients.  


Ready to stop accepting cash before sessions, juggling all your clients on your google calendar, and figuring out how cover your butt when you have an unhappy client or Venmo shuts down your account? This session will give you various tools and websites that will help you stay organized and consistent with each client. Learn how to make contracts, write up and send invoices, receive online payments, and be as time efficient and professional as possible when you are dealing with your clients. 




Makayla Madden Photography Boise Senior Photographers Boudoir Photographer Boise Idaho Photography Mentoring Workshops Senior Pictures Branding Marketing Education Photography Mentor Growing Business



For those who have been shooting for awhile and know how to use their gear/equipment, but are stuck on how to find their style as an artist. Maybe you're frustrated on why your images are  sometimes dark and moody and other times light and airy, or you aren't sure what is your "niche"- this session will be all about finding your voice as an artist!  


Maybe you've been using LR/Photoshop for awhile but still don't know how to get your images processed to exactly fit your vision- this session will go deeper into the tools in these adobe editing products so that from start to finish, your sessions/images are consistent and match the vision in your head. 


Have a pretty good eye/understanding of how to do all these things, but want to take it to the next level? During this mentoring session I'll sit down and look through/critique 10 of your favorite photos so you can up your game when it comes to your images. 


Get tips and tricks on websites and tools that will make handling clients, editing, and delivering your final images so much easier than it was before.  


So you've been shooting a lot and friends/family  have started asking you how much you charge for your photo sessions- what do you say? How do you price yourself accordingly? Find out the right way to price yourselfnow, so you can begin to work your way into making your passion your full time career.


Ah, one of the biggest headaches of them all! Or is it? Building your website can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Learn the basics of using squarespace so you can begin building a website that you're proud of and that future clients will admire! 

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